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Livojoki watershed

The Livojoki watershed belongs to the Iijoki fishing area in the municipalities of Posio and the city of Pudasjärvi.

The 135 km long Livojoki River originates from Livojärvi Posio and ends in Iijoki in the village of Aittojärvi. The largest tributaries are Mäntyjoki, Kouvanjoki and Pärjänjoki.

There is plenty of running water, since in addition to the main rivers, there are more than a hundred significant streams in the area. Including Livojärvi, the largest lakes in the catchment area are Laukkujärvi, Mäntyjärvi and Laivajärvi in Posio and Kouvanjärvi, Sarajärvi, Rytinkijärvi and Aittojärvi in Pudasjärvi.

The watershed is located in the tourist areas of the municipality of Posio and the city of Pudasjärvi., providing plenty of new experiences for part-time residents and nature tourists.

This site was founded by the joint owners of the watershed and village associations. Our purpose is to communicate the current state and development of the river basin district. The founders have decided to cooperate within the framework of the Livojoki Association, Livojoki ry.

The aim is to increase the recreational value of the area under the theme: